Pidgin Commands
/affiliate <owner|admin|member|outcast|none> [nick1] [nick2] …
Get the users with an affiliation or set users' affiliation with the room.
/ban <user> [reason]
Ban a user from the room.
Clear the conversation scrollback.
Clear all conversation scrollbacks.
Configure a chat room.
Configure a chat room.
/debug <option>
Send various debug information to the current conversation.
/help <command>
Help on a specific command.
/invite <user> [message]
Invite a user to the room.
/join <room> [password]
Join a chat on this server.
/kick <user> [reason]
Kick a user from the room.
/me <action>
Send an IRC style action to a buddy or chat.
/msg <user> <message>
Send a private message to another user.
/nick <new nickname>
Change your nickname.
/part [message]
Leave the room.
/ping <jid>
Ping a user/component/server.
Register with a chat room.
/role <moderator|participant|visitor|none> [nick1] [nick2] …
Get the users with a role or set users' role with the room.
/say <message>
Send a message normally as if you weren't using a command.
/topic [new topic]
View or change the topic.